Due to the stay home orders in Marin County, our center will be closed until further notice.

Please help us stay open! Click here to read our #SaveCXSS letter. 



In times of shelter in place, our activities have changed to adapt to the current situation:


Virtual Gospel Study 

Tuesdays at 6:30PM

Have your water ready, find a quiet place and 

Join our Zoom Meeting at https://zoom.us/j/659258274

Password is 7qK79Y

What is the Gospel Study?


This is an open study of the book "The Gospel According to Spiritism" and/or  another book with Spiritist messages. 
The Gospel Study starts with a prayer, followed by the reading of a message, which is then discussed by the group. 
Each individual may comment the message as it touches their heart. 
We ask participants to stay on topic and respect other’s point of view and avoid cross talking. The book/message of the week will be posted on our website 30 minutes before the Gospel Study starts. This way everyone can prepare and have the book ready if needed before the virtual study starts.


Tuesdays and Wednesdays

In addition to our virtual study, we will continue our irradiation on Wednesdays and will have an extra one on Tuesdays.  If you would like to add names to the list, please e-mail the names to info@chicoxavierss.org

Fraternal Counseling 

By Appointment 

We are also offering fraternal conversation over the phone.

If you would like to talk to someone or need any assistance,

call Celina at (510) 830-6886 or Marivone at (415) 235-4703. 

CXSS workers are committed to vibrate daily for our community and our planet! But in times like these, please remember that doing the gospel at home is an invaluable instrument to bring light to your home and an opportunity to connect with your mentors and magnetize your own water. 


We are in this together and together we will stand!

May peace & good health be with all of you!

Our Services
  • Fraternal Conversation
  • Study of the Gospel
  • Public Speech
  • Laying on Hand Healing (Passe)
  • Individual Spiritual Treatment
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