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Interactive platform for the study of the works of Allan Kardec


Kardecpedia belongs to the Allan Kardec Spiritist Divulgation Institute (IDEAK - IDEAK is a non-profit Spiritist Association created with the goal of spreading Spiritism to the world, according to the thinking and works of Allan Kardec.


Kardecpedia is an interactive platform that facilitates the study of the works of Allan Kardec, the founder of the Spiritist Doctrine, or Spiritism. Word created by him to designate the doctrine exposed in his first major work: The Spirits' Book. Spiritism was defined by Kardec as "a science that deals with the nature, origin and destiny of the Spirits, as well as their relations with the corporeal world.”

In Kardecpedia, all the works of Kardec are presented in Portuguese and French. In English and Spanish, will be presented only those works that have already been translated and in public domain.

The user can interact with Kardecpedia proposing new relations between items that compose each work, as well as sending digital copies of Kardec's books and other books by him mentioned.

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