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All our services are free of charge. Our goal is to serve our community with love and open arms.


We are open every Tuesday at 6:00PM. You do need an appointment to come in because seats are limited. We will be happy to show you around!


Click here to see our weekly schedule.


Fraternal Conversation


By appointment only


Opportunity to freely and privately express your personal problems in a confidential, nonjudgmental environment, through an honest and fraternal talk based on Spiritist Doctrine teachings.


The objective is to provide necessary understanding and motivation to those looking for help. 


Please contact us to schedule an appointment.



Study of the Gospel


Starts at 6:30PM every Tuesday

Open study of the Gospel According to Spiritism. We start by saying a prayer, then we open a message of the Gospel and talk about what it meant to each one of us.

Join us and share - there are no wrong answers!

Free Public Speech
Every Tuesday at 7:00PM

Our public speeches are based on the Gospel According to Spiritism, Spirits Book and Medium's Book, all by Allan Kardec.



Laying on of Hands and Individual Spiritual Treatment


Every Tuesday at 7:45PM


Also called spiritual healing. The effect of the mixed magnetism or human-spiritual, combining the vital fluid (bioenergy) of the person providing the pass with the fluids provided by Superior Spirits, called spiritual fluids. The incarnated donor works as an intermediary, combining and redirecting his (her) energies with the energies produced by the good spirits.


For the individual treatment, the person goes in the healing room by himself. Before starting treatment, we require him/her to first schedule a fraternal assistance appointment.


Systematic Study of Spiritism Class

Study based on the fundamental books codified by Allan Kardec and other spiritist books.

Everyone is welcome to attend this study, no need to register!

Spiritism for Children and Youth Class

This class has the main goal to teach spiritism to the young people between ages 3 to 16.


They will learn the Spiritist Doctrine according to Jesus' teachings, the power of prayer, visualizations, self-control, relationship with guardian angels, family values, and the importance of unfolding their inner altruistic nature. 


Mediumship Class


Study: Thursdays (not open to the public)
Meeting: Thursdays (not open to the public)


Mediumship is a natural faculty that needs to be understood and learned. These meetings are an opportunity to study and develop mediumship within a group with discipline, inner change and responsibility.


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